www.thankyou.com Thank You Network Credit Card Rewards Setup Account Statement

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www.thankyou.com is a popular free rewards program where you get points just for doing what you already do. Whether it's using your participating credit card or checking account and other everyday banking. You can get thank you network rewards points by using Citibank Credit Cards, Citi Premier Pass/Expedia Credit Card or Citi Smith Barney FMA account. How to Setupaccount at www.thankyou.com/setupaccount If you're already a ThankYou Network Member, set up a user name and password by registering directly at thankyou.com/getstarted ThankYou network offers some exclusive rewards for Citibank credit card holders and its something you shouldnt miss. Thankyou.com Rewards benefits:
  • check your points balance
  • view rewards orders
  • update your profile
  • Check your thankyou.com statement
  • do thankyou.com account setup online
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