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Walmart is USA's largest retail chain and one of the world's largest retail superstore company. Walmart is a household name when it comes to daily goods and retail items.

Walmart also issues a Credit Card named Walmart Money Card. The WalmartMoneycard.com offers some great benefits over other credit cards.

Lets look at What benefits Walmartmoneycard.com offers over other similar Prepaid Visa Cards.

1) Walmart PrePaid Visa Card doesn't check your credit score. No Credit Checks.

2) Walmart doesn't require you to have a bank account.

3) Walmart Moneycard is offered instantly as Temporary Visa Card in package. You can Activate Walmart MoneyCard with one easy call or online at www.walmartmoneycard.com

Update-Many people are not satisfied with Walmart Money card and have instead preferred to go for easy to use prepaid debt card called Rushcard. Rushcard is given to your instantly without any credit checks.4) Use Walmart Visa Card anywhere in the world.

5) Shop online at any online store like amazon.com or walmart.com

6) Withdraw or Get cash with walmart prepaid visa card.

 7) Pay for gas, groceries and cellphone bills, telephone bills.

 8) Buy airline tickets

9) Budget and track spending online with E-Mail/SMS Balance Alerts

10) No purchase transaction fees

11) Walmart money card reload fees are waived when you add funds by cashing an eligible payroll or government check at Walmart (the $3.00 check cashing fee still applies).

How to Reload your Walmart Money Card/Walmart Prepaid Visa card?

you can topup or reload your walmart money prepaid visa card anytime you want at Walmart stores. You can go straight to the cashier and swipe your Card to load with cash or you can cash a payroll or government check and load part of all of that check onto your MoneyCard.

Alternatively, You can also reload your walmart money card using Green Dot MoneyPak.

a) Go to your local participating Walmart store or to www.getmygreen.com

b) Purchase a MoneyPak in any amount between $20.00 and $1,100.00

c) Follow the directions on the package to have the funds applied to your Walmart MoneyCard.

Walmart PrePaid visa card can be activated online at walmartmoneycard.com Activation Page.

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walmartmoneycard.com and www.getmygreen.com Walmart Green Dot Card to Reload Walmart PrePaid visa
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