speeding ticket fines and Demerit point system in Singapore

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For those who drive in Singapore, please take note of the new fines announced by our friendly Traffic Police & the map of the Mobile Speed Camera locations for your reference.

speeding ticket fines & Demerit point system in Singapore

Speeding Fines: Exceeding 1 - 20km/h $130 + 4 demerit points.

Exceeding 21 - 30km/h $150 + 6 demerit points.

Exceeding 31 - 40km/h $180 + 8 demerit points.

Exceeding 41 - 50km/h $200 + 12 demerit points + Court.

Exceeding 51 - 60km/h $200 + 18 demerit points + Court.

Exceeding >61km/h $200 + 24 demerit points + Court.

If you want to be hero and fight the court case yourself, and you lose, you pay the court charges yourself, which will add up to your fine. I guess the court charges are at least $200 and above.

Careless driving fine $150 + 6 demerit Points.

Inconsiderate Driving Fine $170 + 9 Demerit Points + Court.

Dangerous Driving $200 + 24 Demerit Points + Court + Vehicle Compounded.

Illegal Racing Fine $200 + Vehicle Confiscated + Court.

Failure to Secure your Seat Belt $120 + 3 demerit points.

Crossing Double White lines $130 + 4 points.

Using your mobile phone whilst driving $200 + 12 demerit point + Phone Confiscated. Do not hold your mobile in your hand when you drive even with loud speaker or ear piece.

Drink Driving For first offence. Up to $5000 Fine And, or jail Term + License Suspended + Court.

2nd time offence Jail term + Fine + Court.

Making an illegal U Turn $70. Fail to Signal when changing lanes $70 (although I seriously fail to believe they have such a fine in Singapore).

Driving at night without headlights or taillights switched on after 7pm $30. No Number Plate $70.

Obstructed Number Plate $70.

Number Plate Of Unapproved Type $70.

As for Demerit Point system: Let ' s say you have 0 points on 1st January 2005, and you committed the offence of Failing to Put on Seat Belt. So now, you will have an additional 3 demerit points and this will last for 1 Year.

If during these twelve months, you have no demerit point offence at all, your 3 deme rit points will be gone on 1/1/2006. But, in the event, during the period 1/1/2005 - 1/1/2006, you committed another offence with additional demerit points, your very first offence will be extended for another year until 1/1/2007.


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Speeding Fines and Check Demerit Points
Check your demerit points online and speeding fines as per the new Traffic rules.