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Geico is america's largest Auto insurance company. GEICO means Government Employees Insurance Company which is based at Bethesda, Maryland. One of the reason Geico is the most popular car insurance service is its cheap auto insurance rates and good customer service. 

Geico offers innovative insurance schemes and have recently started offering boat insurance which includes insurance for boats and personal watercraft. Geico.com offers a great online policy management service. You can manage you car insurance policy online by going to geico.com login you can also report a claim on your car insurance online at claims center with claim tracking or bill pay with geico credit card

Most importantly, if you are looking for a car or motorcycle insurance Geico offers a free auto insurance quote. However, There is a way to save even more on your insurance quote. I personally suggest you don't deal directly with Geico. If you go through one of Geico's insurance agents, you will get a cheaper auto insurance quote. It could be because of their relationship with the dealer. All it matters to us is we get a cheaper auto insurance.

I recently bought car insurance using one of Geico's Agent called Auto Insurance Tips. There guys will also offer you a cheaper alternative for auto insurance but in most cases they offer geico as cheapest.

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