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Outsourcing is the new buzz word of business and even tax preparations are being outsourced. W-2 Express is an outsourced service from TALX Corporation that automates the W-2 process, including printing and distributing original statements, reissuing W-2s, and facilitating corrections.

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W2Express.com offers following services:
  1. W-2 Reprint/Reissue: You can Get an instant and secure access to a copy of your W-2, in case you misplace, never received, or simply need additional copies of the original tax form.
  2. Original W-2: Online delivery of your original W-2 gives you access to your statement earlier than the traditional process of receiving your W-2 by mail. It also eliminates the chance that your W-2 will get lost, misdirected, or delayed during delivery
  3. Correction to your W-2 You can request corrections of any mistakes on your original W-2. Please note that not all employers offer the ability to request corrections online.
W2Express is a service by TALX. Please note that W2Express is not a IRS E-file Service. If you want to e-file your taxes, you can use the most widely used E-file Service

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