Check California Tax Refund 2010 2011 Status online California State Income Tax Refund Calculator

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Did you file your California Tax Returns for 2010 2011 and expecting a California State tax Refund 2010 2011, you can check your california state tax refund 2010 2011 status online.

To check your califonia state tax refund 2010 2011 status, you need the following:

  1. Your Social security number
  2. Your mailing address
  3. The refund amount shown on your tax returns
Now go to California Tax Refund Status Website here and enter the necessary details to check your refund status.

Its also important for all California residents to update your latest address (if changed after filing returns) to California State Franchise Tax Board, so they can send california state tax refund checks for 2010 2011 to the proper addresses. Last year, over $15 million worth of checks were returned to the tax board due to wrong address.

There were a few cases of delayed tax refunds last year but we hope that this year all california residents get their tax refund early and fast. Please ensure you submit your california tax returns as early as you can in order to get a faster refund for 2010 2011 financial year.

If you have filed your california tax returns this year and expecting a tax refund, please comment on your california tax refund status or also update if you already got the tax refund for the year. This would help others who are expecting a tax refund or their refunds are delayed. Lets help each other once again.

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State of California Tax Refund Status 2010 2011
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