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2010 2011 Tax Season has already begun for New York State Income Tax Department at www.nystax.gov and if you haven't already filed your NYS Tax online for 2010 2011, then you should do it today.

The New York State department of Taxation and Finance have recently updated their website and have also changed the website from nystax.gov to tax.ny.gov

If you are going to e-file your NY state taxes returns for 2010 2011, you can do it online from nystax.gov Online Tax Center. You can use one of the e-filing services provided by NYS tax department and use a NYS tax rate calculator to estimate your income taxes for 2010 2011. Remember to check NYS tax tables or brackets for 2010 2011.

You can also check for NYS Tax Refund for 2010 2011. It's recommended that you choose Direct Deposit (DD) to get your refunds faster than usual. You can also get a 1099-G form to report your income on federal tax returns.

If you want to claim Basic STAR property tax exemption, note that its now limited to homeowners with income of $500000 or less.

Besides the NY State tax deparment website, you can also talk to NY state tax department on their helpline number at 518-457-5181

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