SendGlobal Promo Code : Get 3$ trial credit free

we always try to find new ways and methods so that our readers can make Free voip phone calls. This time again, Free Pc to Phone calls has collaborated with SendGlobal to give its readers 3$ trail credit to make free voip phone calls.

SendGlobal is a Prepaid international calling service for your mobile, home or business. Senglobal is similar to a calling card. SPANThey have taken away many of the hassles of conventional calling cards and have given you a simple easy way to purchase prepaid calling time with NO PIN NUMBERS to enter.

Using the unique voucher code (P1P1C), you will be able to get free 3$ credit. Using this credit you can make free calls to anywhere in world inclusing India, Pakistan, Saudi, UAE, Canada, Cuba or any other country. However SPANonly users from USA will be able to make use of this offer (as Sendglobal requires USA phone number).

Promo Code : SPANP1P1C

How to make use of the voucher code (SPANPromo code for Sendglobal).

1. Visit SendGlobal The code will be already be present. If its not present, enter SPANP1P1C in the promo code field.
2. Enter your USA phone number and email address.
SPAN lang=ENSPAN3. A confirmation mail will be sent to your given valid mail address.
4. Click on the activation link.
5. Once you click the activation link, you will see the local access number and toll free access number to call.You will get 3$ credit to your account.

SPAN lang=ENSPANNow dial the access number or toll free number from the registered phone, the system will recognize your caller ID, they will tell you your balance and then you can dial the destination number.
  • SPAN lang=ENSPANSPANSPANYour free trial account with 3$ credit will remain for 48 hours only, after which it will automatically expire. You cannot transfer your balance to your paid account. So, after you have got the free credit make use of that credit within 48 hours.

Using this credit you can call from USA to India (38 free minutes). Call quality is good and if you like the service, you can go buying the credit too. Calls rates are quite competitive to other voip providers.
Just to inform you that Lingo is also running a Diwali promotion in which they are offering SPANcalls to India at 2.9cents/minute together with SPANunlimitd calls to US, canada and other 22 countries.